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Battle Dagorath - Ancient Wraith [CD]
The second album of the US-band! Raw, majestetic and epic music for all lovers of atmospheric...
Battle Dagorath - Eternal Throne [CD]
Album written & recorded 2005-2007. Tracks 1 & 9 written & performed by Vinterriket, album...
In Battle - Kingdom of Fear [CD]
Fourth album from swedish In Battle! Well produced Viking Death Metal with Dark Funeral´s drummer...
Battle Dagorath - I - Dark Dragons of the Cosmos [2-LP]
2-LP of their latest album!
Allfather-Odinn - Allfather Odinn [CD]
A mysterious release by Unholy records back in 2004. The music is thought to belong to John...
Endless Battle - Brotherhood of Hate [CD]
True Ukrainian black metal.

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