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Setherial - Nord + Hell Eternal [2-CD]
Their cult debut "Nord" and their third album "Helle Eternal" re-released on a 2-CD! Black Metal...
Setherial - Ekpyrosis [CD]
7 studioalbum from this swedish cult Black Metal band!
Setherial - Endtime Divine [CD]
Their 4th album! Black Metal!
Setherial - Nord [LP]
Official Vinyl-ReRelease of that 1996 classic album. Came in a noble gatefold!
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Setherial - Death Triumphant [Digi-CD]
Fifth album! We have the limited digipack edition with bonustrack "För Dem Mitt Blod"!
Setherial - From the Ancient Ruins [CD]
Track 1-3 Taken from an unreleased Studio session in 1998

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