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Welcome to Swedrock!
We are a Swedish mail order company focused on metal. We are also distributor for several record companies in Sweden. Do you play in a band or a record label without distribution in Sweden, do not hesitate to contact us about this.

NOTE: Because Covid-19 problems, delivery times may take longer in some countries.
Korp - Hel kallar (incl free shipping world wide) [CD]
Order it with free shipping now! (NOTE: If you order other products too, shipping costs will be...
Wyrd - Death of the Sun [CD]
Epic Finish Pagan Metal leaders WYRD return with their most expansive and exhilarating album to...
Fimbultyr - Niddikter (Order with free shipping world wide now) [CD]
The Swedish viking black metal band FIMBULTYR is back after their highly acclaimed debut album...
Nortt - Gudsforladt [CD]
Re-Release incl. bonustrack "Evig Hvile".
Mors Cordis - Injection [CD]
Mors Cordis is different! The band have been an integral part of the Berlin metal scene for over...
Nivlhel - Ur Vrede Född [10"-MLP]
NIVLHEL´s „Ur vrede född“ demo came as a real bombshell with the press, but was never available...

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