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Welcome to Swedrock!
We are a Swedish mail order company focused on metal. We are also distributor for several record companies in Sweden. Do you play in a band or a record label without distribution in Sweden, do not hesitate to contact us about this.
Dysfori - Resan utan slut [CD]
Depressive Black Metal from Sweden!
Harvest - Behold... The Death of God [CD]
Harvest is a raw, filthy uncompromising black metal project featuring Drowning the Light's...
Hermodr - Krigstid [CD]
Great atmospheric Black Metal from Sweden. Second full lenght album with one unreleased track as...
Grá - Ending (black) [LP]
Pre-order the black LP-edition limited in only 400 copies!
Insulter - Blood Spits, Violences and Insults [CD]
“Blood Spits, Violences, and Insults” compiles all three demos from both eras of Insulter as well...

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