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Welcome to Swedrock!
We are a Swedish mail order company focused on metal. We are also distributor for several record companies in Sweden. Do you play in a band or a record label without distribution in Sweden, do not hesitate to contact us about this.

20 years ago we opened the gates. We celebrate this with 20 % discount the rest of November. Bargains among lots of CD, LP, DVD and shirts. (The discount automatically deducted at checkout)

NOTE: Because Covid-19 problems, delivery times may take longer in some countries.
Moon - Caduceus Chalice [CD]
Hauntingly layered and surreal ritualistic Black Metal for fans of Xasthur, Leviathan, Striborg...
Nunslaughter - Demoslaughter [2-CD-BOX]
The black prayers of Devil Metal worshippers have finally been answered... At last, for the first...
Nightwish - 1997-2001 [4-CD-BOX]
Includes all four full-length Nightwish albums presented in a digibook-boxset, together with a...
Agathocles - Anno 1990 - The Happy Land Fire [LP]
It´s 2020, the 35th birthday of AGATHOCLES!!! So what crazy things to do to make this year...
Begrafven - Dödsriket [CD]
Begrafven consists of Maturz, known from Elimi and Snötårar and Ursus. 7 years has past since...

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