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Welcome to Swedrock!
We are a Swedish mail order company focused on metal. We are also distributor for several record companies in Sweden. Do you play in a band or a record label without distribution in Sweden, do not hesitate to contact us about this.

NOTE: Because Covid-19 problems, delivery times may take longer in some countries.
Funeral Mist - Hekatomb [LP]
Comes in a gatefold jacket with 8 pages booklet.
Svarti Loghin - Never Mind the Emptiness [LP]
Istapp - The Insidious Star [Digi-CD]
Melodic Black Metal! Recommended if you lake NAGLFAR, THYRFING or DARK FORTRESS!
Fimbultyr - Niddikter (Order with free shipping world wide now) [CD]
The Swedish viking black metal band FIMBULTYR is back after their highly acclaimed debut album...
Within Temptation - The Silent Force Tour [2-DVD+CD]
An exlusive 2-DVD where we have the deluxe edition where an extra cd comes along! Proffesional...
Celtachor - Nine Waves from the Shore [CD]
Celtic/Folk/Black Metal. Fans of Cruachan, Enisferum, Fimbultyr, Primordial highly recommended.

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